Distances from Lena Beach Hotel:
  • Airport: 10km
  • Souda Port: 7km
  • Chania downtown: 8km
  • Beach: 5m

Choose Chania for your vacation and surely you will not regret it. Chania is in the five leading destinations of summer holidays in Greece and in the highest European.

LenaBeach *** is located in the gulf of Kalathas at Akrotiri area and abstains eight kilometers from the city of Chania, six kilometers from the airport and seven kilometers from the harbor of Souda.

The place of our hotel allows you to visit all the certain sights Chania have. Some of them are mentioned below.

Beginning from the area of Akrotiri visit the beach of Stavros the place where scenes of cinematographic film ZORBAS with Anthony Queen were taken. Also you can visit the Temple of Saint Trinity of 18th century, the catholic monastery of Goyvernetou and the cave of Saint Ioannis.

On the road to Chania you can make a stop in the Graves of Venizelos with the splendid panoramic view to the city of Chania. In Chania you can wander into the graphic streets in the old port of Chania and enjoy your coffee or your food in one of the many shops of the region. Finally visit the old market of the city where you can supply traditional Cretan products.

If you like walking in the nature live the experience to cross the Gorge of Samaria that is National Park. A lot of buses from Chania depart daily with destination the plateau of Omalos where is the entry of the gorge. After five to eight hours walking you reach the village Saint Roumeli in where after you swim in the beautiful beach, take the boat to arrive in Sfakia village and then take a bus buck to Chania.